September Tabata Challenger

One if the most effective forms of high intensity workouts for boosting your metabolism and increasing performance over time is the Tabata interval. Tabata intervals were first developed by Japanese scientist and researcher Dr. Izumi Tabata who tested Vo2 max on speed skaters. Tabata intervals involve 20 seconds working at a hard, challenging intensity followed by 10 seconds rest. This pattern is repeated  8 times through for a total of 4 minutes. A true tabata set should leave you feeling fatigued. Tabata intervals are one of my favourite forms of working out as they are simple and you can really insert any exercise into the equation and get a great workout!

The following set combines both cardio and body weight strength exercises to give you an all-encompassing workout. Complete each tabata interval listed for a shorter 20 minute sweat session or complete a second time round for maximum burn and longer 40 minute workout.

Push yourself, challenge yourself, and most of all have fun!!


September Tabata Challenger

For each set, complete :20 work at high intensity, :10 rest x8. Alternate between exercise a) and b) for remaining 4 minutes.

(Note: there are many great free apps you can download for tabata intervals)

 Warm Up – 5 minutes jump rope, jogging, etc.

Tabata #1: a) Jumping Jacks or Star jumps    b) Reverse Lunge (one leg only each set)

Tabata #2: a) Burpee (can walk it to be modified)    b) Sumo Squat Pulse (stay low)

Tabata #3: a) Mountain Climbers    b) Push-ups

Tabata #4: a) 180 Degree Turn Squat Jump or Squat Jump    b) Seated Russian Twist

**Option to repeat workout one more time.

 Stretch and Cool Down