Paper Plate HIIT Workout Even more challenging at 6am!


Last week for my Bootcamp session I decided to change it up a bit and add a common pantry item mostly everyone has on hand, especially during picnic season. Now, it’s definitely not picnic season here in Edmonton, so those paper plates kept my bootcampers anything but cold as they got their hearts pumping with intense cardio and bodyweight drills.

For those of you who weren’t able to make it to my 6am class (I know, these ladies are troopers!!), I have a mini workout for you to do at home and all you need is to dust off those paper plates from your cellar, or if you are environmentally friendly—which I definitely try to be—you can substitute with two dry face cloths for the same effect.

Paper Plate HIIT Workout

What you need:

  • 2 paper plates or 2 face cloths
  • hardwood or linoleum floor

The Workout:

Start by warming up for 5 minutes.  Since you will most likely be inside, jog on the spot, alternate jumping jacks, squats, lunges for 30 seconds each or until your body feels ready to go!

Complete the following exercises for a total of 1 minute, at Moderate Hard intensity. Between each exercise rest for 30 seconds in order to catch your breath and give the next exercise your full effort. Note that the workout should feel uncomfortable and is meant to build your endurance. Use paper plates only in the exercises specified.

  1. Mountain Climbers using paper plates on your toes to glide along the floor providing resistance (think Gliding Discs)
  2. One-side Reverse Lunge with right-foot toes on plate
  3. Squat Jumps (or squats)
  4. Spiderman using Paper Plates – toes on plate from plank position, right knee come up towards outside right elbow, back to start, alternate left (similar to mountain climber but knees are outside of body while foot drags along ground)
  5. Side to Side Pushups, alternating arms right to left with hands on plates (ie. right hand moves out to side, pushup, back to center, then left out to side with a pushup, back to center
  6. Jumping Jacks or Star Jumps
  7. Paper Plate Curtsey Lunge (right side only)
  8. Paper Plate Burpees on feet (without the jump)
  9. Tricep Dips from floor or using chair
  10. Plank Jacks with Paper Plates on Toes (much like a jumping jack from plank position)
  11. Paper Plate Curtsey Lunge (left side only)
  12. High Knees (modified march or jog)
  13. Paper Plate Hamstring Curl – from bridge position on back, hips off ground, heels on plates under knees, extend legs out and back in towards glutes
  14. Knee Tuck from Plank Position with Paper Plates on Toes (similar to a mountain climber but both knees come into chest at same time, then extend to straighten)
  15. Reverse Lunge with left toe on plate

For an added challenge see if you can complete the circuit 2-3 times through!