Oh my Fascia! Introduction to Self Myofascial Release by Mira Jindani, MScPT

Like many of you reading this blog, I’m a new mom. My husband and I welcomed our beautiful baby Harris in March. It’s an amazing experience, but the 9 months of extra weight, lack of exercise, and hormones left me more prone to injury. Now, caring for a 5 month old with all the repetitive strain, I find myself experiencing all kinds of strange aches and pains.

Sometimes we need to be seen by a professional to determine the cause and receive treatment. Other times, we can do some self care to alleviate the symptoms as well as prevent them. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle are essential but it’s hard when pain gets in the way. Let’s talk about some ways to help prevent and alleviate muscle pain that many of us new moms experience.

In this article, I will teach you about self myofascial release (SMR). I describe what fascia is and its role in the wellbeing of your muscles, what fascial adhesions do to your body, and what you can do at home to get some relief for your muscle aches. Read more