Old Strathcona Fall Refresher Fit Camp September 10 - October 20, 2015 (Tuesday and Thursday Mornings)

Get ready to be refreshed, energized and challenged!

This is our last outdoor session before winter hits so let’s make the most of it! Join the community for workouts that will get your body moving and keep you challenged as you build strength and cardiovascular endurance through drills, games and plenty of fun! This class is suitable for all skill levels and ages. Read more

Holyrood and Belgravia “Fall” into Barre September 12 - October 24, 2015 (Saturday mornings or Tuesdays evenings)

There is no season quite like fall: back to school festivities, a return to routine, and enjoying the somewhat cooler yet comforting temperatures that Alberta weather brings. What better a time to restart your fitness routine or try something new?

Which brings us to FitCommunity Barre . . . these workouts will leave you feeling energized, strong and ready to tackle the rest of your week! Fusing elements of ballet, Pilates and strength, you are guaranteed to get your heart rate up and build muscular strength and endurance. Plus you will get to connect with other amazing ladies who live in and around the community. Read more

Bonnie Doon and Riverbend “Fall” into Baby Barre September 14 - October 26, 2015 (Waitlist only)

We have the pleasure of once again bringing Baby Barre back to all the mommas and young babes!

Baby Barre is unique in that it allows pre/post natal mommas to fit in a workout and look after their own wellbeing while enjoying some quality time with their babe by their side. Adding the extra weight of a baby can be challenging, but it will aid in the process of regaining strength after giving birth.

So let’s plié, pulse and strengthen our bodies together during a fun, safe, and effective workout that will leave you feeling more energized than before you came! Read more

Baby FitCamp Postponed Until Fall

Check back soon for info about Baby FitCamp in September. We’ve postponed any other FitCamp classes until fall due to holidays. Baby Barre will continue through the month of August if you are looking for a way to stay fit and connect with community!

Summer Pop-Up Barre Classes June 24 - August 26 | Various Times & Locations | Cost: $10/class

Who doesn’t love soaking in the sunshine while enjoying a workout amongst the beauty of our city?

For this very reason, along with the coming and going of vacation plans, there will only be drop-in Barre classes for the summer months. While the workout will always be fun, challenging, yet suitable to every fitness ability, the time and location will change from week to week to allow the opportunity to enjoy more of our beautiful city. Read more

Pop Up Baby FitCamp **Note: Cancelled for August July 9 - July 30 | Thursday mornings

Specifically designed for the post-natal and pre-natal momma, FitCommunity’s Baby on Board FitCamp fuses elements of strength and cardio-endurance for a total body workout that is safe, effective and fun!

Mommas (dads are certainly most welcome) are invited to either wear or push their babes or toddlers in a stroller while enjoying some of Edmonton’s beautiful outdoor park locations. Modifications will be provided where needed and those who need that extra challenge will be pushed to be their best! Read more

Pop-Up Baby Barre June 29 - August 24 | Mondays 10-11am | Cost: $10/class

Let’s bring our class outdoors! Every Monday be prepared mommas (or dads) to plie to your hearts desire while enjoying great company, some fresh air, and most importantly some time with your babe!

Barre with Baby is similar to Fit Community’s regular Barre class, however with modifications and extra attention for the pregnant, post-natal or baby-wearing caregiver. Brittney with Portage Babywearing Services will be providing her expertise to support your baby-wearing needs.

Location will vary from week to week. Older children are welcome to come along; strollers also permitted.

Note: In the event of rain, class will be cancelled. Read more

Strathcona/Millcreek July Sunrise FitCamp July 7 - July 30, 2015 (Tuesday/Thursday early mornings)

Rise and shine! Start your day on a positive note by fitting your sweat session in with other members of the community! This is the only FitCommunity registered session offered during the summer months—demonstrating that getting up early is habit forming!

Tailored to every fitness ability, FitCommunity’s outdoor class incorporates high-intensity drills, strength, agility, endurance and fun, interactive games for a complete full-body workout amidst enjoying trails, stairs, fields, and many other beautiful surroundings the ravine has to offer. What more could one ask for?! Read more

Baby Barre Spring II May 4 - June 15, 2015 (Monday or Friday mornings)

Baby Barre has been wonderful addition to Fit Community’s class schedule and features a demographic most dear to my heart: mommas and their babes . . . although dads are most certainly welcome to join in on the fun!!

Baby Barre is similar to Fit Community’s regular Barre class, however with modifications and extra attention for the pregnant, post-natal or baby-wearing caregiver. Brittney with Portage Babywearing Services will be providing her expertise to support your baby-wearing needs. Read more

Holyrood Spring Barre II May 2 - June 13, 2015 (Saturday mornings)

What better way to start your weekend than with Saturday morning Barre in the cozy and friendly community of Holyrood?

This energizing workout will not only get you sweating, but will help tone your body and build cardiovascular endurance. Warm up your senses as you listen and pulse to the beat of the music, feel warmth in your muscles and find your inner ballerina. Barre is an excellent low-impact workout appealing to both the young and the young at heart and is perfect for all fitness abilities. Read more